April 2019, Paris

Hello everyone,

my name is Amin Bidar, I was born on April 26, 1993 and I am a plastic artist passionate about spirituality and science. I founded with many others a center of spiritual culture called Sesame in 2015 which aims to share and create dialogue between different heritages and contemporary inspirations whether religious or secular.

 I live in Paris for 7 years now after living in Nice and and I have been traveling regularly in NY for almost 2 years, especially to talk with my mentor David Altmejd. I did an economic and social high school in near Nice on the French Riviera and a law degree at Sorbonne University in Paris before giving my artistic practice the main place in my life through which it could flourish. The artistic aspirations that animate me since my childhood in Corrèze and that I had expressed by judo, rugby, dance but also by philosophy and poetry became amplified until they became irrepressible.

The practice of writing, dancing and drawing are almost permanent to me now. They are aiming at a non-dissociated meditative attitude of the activities of daily life. “Non-dissociated” because meditation may have to be your principal state of being and not just a “way relax”, a short period of time necessary to “manage our emotions”.  Meditation is the practice of accuracy, a level of focusing which is here, in everyone, waiting to be developed to create wisdom, I mean to create a concrete force that allows you to protect yourself, relativizing your sadness or soothing your anxiety for example, but also "to attack" that is to say to create. Indeed, to say that someone is "spiritual" in French can mean that he has humor, that he is creative at every moment of life. This creative attitude named meditation or spirituality or wisdom is concrete because it exalts yourself and exalts the other beings with whom we come into contact whithout artifice, maybe the purest way of excitement of being.

I worked in a studio in Montreuil, and then in Asnières-sur-Seine and then in Pantin and then in Aubervilliers, all located in the suburb of Paris. I currently work between Paris and NYC on an art of balance focused on the circulation of energy through the multiple states of being. I work with more or less physical materials ranging from stone to light through polymers or video projection. My productions often take the form of vertical entities with different degrees of transparency and movement. I try to break free from the representation of existing entities to send me a practice aimed at the manifestation or embodiment of unknown entities.

The fact to work in different suburbs, French or American one is fundamental for me because this is a way to questioning and improve the concreteness of the practice of meditation of wich I spoke above.

My works are inspired by different humanisms such as those of many spiritual origins of Christian, Sufi, Hindu or Jewish like Teilhard de Chardin, Rene Guenon, Ibn Arabi, Ramana Maharshi or Karlfried Durkheim but also many economists, philosophers, scientists or politicians like Amartya Sen, John Rawls, Spinoza, Jung, Mandela, Martin Luther King. My plastic influences are as numerous and eclectic as they are old and recent from Jan Van Eyck to David Altmejd, through the paintings of Michelangelo, De Vinci and Bacon, the alchemist research of Beuys, the new British sculpture of Gormley, Cragg or Kapoor, the installations of Neto and number of exhibitors of the Montreal SAT or the videos of Viola.


Avril 2019, Paris

 Bonjour à chacun,

je m'appelle Amin Bidar, ai 24 ans et suis artiste plasticien passionné de spiritualité et de science.

 J'ai fondé avec beaucoup d'autres un centre de culture spirituelle appelé Sésame en 2015 qui a vocation à partager et faire dialoguer les différents héritages et inspirations contemporaines qu'ils soient religieux ou laïcs.

J'habite à Paris depuis 5 ans maintenant après avoir vécu à Nice. J'ai fait un lycée économique et social à Cagnes-sur-Mer, une licence de droit à la Sorbonne et ai décidé, depuis quelques années, d'essayer d'assumer les aspirations artistiques qui m'animent depuis mon enfance en Corrèze, même durant plus d'une dizaine d'années passées au judo et au rugby. La pratique de l'écriture et de la danse me sont quasi quotidiennes désormais, encourageant et visant une attitude méditative non dissociée des activités de la vie quotidienne pour des relations plus humaines.

Je travaille dans un atelier à Montreuil sur un art de l'équilibre axé sur la circulation de l'énergie à travers les multiples états de l'être. Je travaille avec des matériaux plus ou moins physiques allant de la pierre à la lumière en passant par des polymères ou la vidéo-projection. Mes productions prennent souvent la forme de d'entités verticales aux différents degrés de transparences et de mouvements. J'essaie de m'affranchir de la représentation d'entités existantes pour m'acheminer une pratique visant la manifestation d'entités inconnues.

Mes travaux sont inspirés de différents humanismes comme ceux de nombreux spirituels d'origines chrétienne, soufie, hindouiste ou encore juive comme Teilhard de Chardin, René Guénon, Ibn Arabi, Ramana Maharshi ou Karlfried Durkheim mais aussi de nombreux économistes, philosophes, scientifiques ou politiques comme Amartya Sen, John Rawls, Spinoza, Jung, Mandela, Martin Luther King. Mes influences plastiques sont aussi nombreuses et éclectiques qu'anciennes et récentes de Jan Van Eyck à David Altmejd en passant par la peinture de Michel Ange, De Vinci et Bacon, les recherches à caractère alchimiste de Beuys, la new british sculpture de Gormley, Cragg ou Kapoor, les installations de Neto et de nombre d'exposants de la SAT de Montréal ou les vidéos de Viola.